!Realizer is born to deliver dedicated Electronic Design Services tailored to our customers’ needs. We have more than 20 years experience in various electronics fields, such as M2M, data acquisition, computer interfacing, sensor conditionning, smart metering, GPS positioning, embedded  beacon…



Custom made electronic design offered by Realizer is highly desirable when existing products cannot meet your specific requirements. Generic off-the-shelf electronic design often lacks customability and sometimes has a short lifespan.   Realizer´s solutions are highly innovative and suitable for your needs. Cabling existing modules are not always the best solution. Relying on various modules from different manufacturers causes technical issues such as interfacing, power supplies, signal levels and multiple sources (risk of unavailability). Realizer offers a united product that is integrated and offers its clients a specific form factor or corporate identity design.



Realizer´s engineers listen to the customers requirements and assess their needs. The design is targeted for specific user groups and various environments. To reduce the design risk and stay on schedule with delivery, we emphasis on a modular design approach for both software/firmware code and circuitry. We also look outside the box to bring creative solutions and we like to implement simple solutions to solve complex needs. Product validation is done through mock-ups, prototyping  and pre-run qualification.


Think globally

Realizer´s electronic engineering offers a thorough solution which is well thought of regarding practical and ergonomic aspects.   On a technical side,  aspects  are reliability, reproducibility, maintainability, testability, calibration, ergonomics, electromagnetic compatibility, mechanical integration, parts obsolescence… This will make the difference between a single rat nest alike touchy lab setup and a field proof product you can trust on to make your business grow.


Economies of scale

The cost of your custom design and its commercial viability is evaluated by our team.  Your requirements can be assessed and we can also help you in raising your specifications documents. Producing items in low quantities can be costly. We endeavour to meet your budget targets wherever possible.  Quantity discount applies when several hundred units are ordered.



Electronic technology evolve rapidly and re-engineering devices can sometimes offer more efficient results (cheaper, faster, more efficient, smaller). Wireless communication is often desirable in our latest designs. 


Just Ask

Realizer´s engineers are adaptable and have a wide range of skills in various industrial areas and are able to meet your needs.

Contact us to submit your requirements and let us bring your ideas to life.