The following are the latest electronic solutions developed by Realizer:



Photogrammetry drone Interface Board

  • Integrated to an Applanix/Trimble APX15 GNSS Stack
  • Camera Sync. interfacing
  • IMU / Satellites go/no go led indicator
  • Spares Servos and DMI connexions
  • Isolated power supplies
  • Brings a reliable and integrated solution to the customer







Building Survey Drone Interface Board

  • Integrated to an Applanix/Trimble GNSS Stack
  • Lidar interfacing
  • Isolated power supplies
  • Isolated CAN Bus
  • Brings a reliable and integrated solution to the customer




Farm Water monitoring system

  • Lithium Battery solar charger
  • Globalstar Satellite Modem
  • Reduce animal suffering significantly
  • Save farmers a lot of time and money
  • Deployed in very remote Australian farms

Pictures from used with permission



USB Load cells acquisition board

  • 4 channels 16 bit simultaneous sampling
  • 5 KV front end isolation
  • ARM processor
  • Fully programmable conditioning front end
  • Bluetooth and Battery charger options 



Electrochemical Gaz Sensor conditioning board

Electrochemical Gaz Sensor conditioning Board

  • Humidity sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Battery backup to avoid sensor warm-up issues
  • Gaz Sensor aging test
  • Electronic Serial Number








 Low cost GSM/GPRS Beacon

  •  ISM radio link
  •  Rechargeable Li-ion battery based UPS
  •  Alarm relay
  •  Dallas iButton reader
  •  PC connection port
  •  Tests points for production quality control





 Process controller

  •  Ethernet communication port
  •  RS232 communication port
  •  Offset programmable ADC inputs
  •  Debounced switch inputs
  •  High voltage DAC outputs
  •  Thru-Hole components at customer request 




3 Axis Motion Platform isolation interface

  •  short delivery of one week.








Disinfection process controller

  •  Wi-Fi access
  •  GSM/GPRS access
  •  Aerosol generator current sensor
  •  USB driver AES encrypted data  logging




Previous projects


  • CCD array conditioning/PC interface (Hamamatsu sensors)
  • Logistic truck embedded beacon (XT65 Siemens based)
  • Tank management beacon (TC65i Cinterion based)
  • Railway train positioning beacon (Telit based)
  • Pressure sensor interface (Honeywell sensors)
  • Medical diagnostic device (Gumstix based)
  • Indoor positioning system (ISM based)
  • Antenna design for gasoline anti-theft system
  • Pharmaceutical production setup vibration data logger (ADI sensors)
  • Medical system display ISM band cable replacement (Jennic based)
  • Human body Magnetic, Angular Rate and Gravity sensor system